We know that on the other end of every delivery we manage, there is a person on the receiving end of a prescription they rely on to help them maintain the highest quality of life possible. And that matters to us – on the most personal level possible.

Delivering Quality. Efficiency. Savings. Service.

NoviXus is an independent, nationwide mail-order pharmacy that delivers high-touch patient care, maintains unparalleled performance and reduces waste and costs.

Why NoviXus: We are Different
  • Independent ownership
  • Competitive pricing
  • Traditional or transparent pricing
  • Payer-aligned dispensing
  • >83% generic dispensing rate
  • Surpasses industry performance standards
  • State-of-art, fully automated facility
  • High-touch patient services
High-Touch Patient Services
  • Most prescriptions filled same day
  • Almost no call waiting time
  • Direct access to pharmacy staff
  • Refill reminders
  • New prescription alerts
  • Shipping status updates
  • Audible prescription instructions for hearing impaired
  • Braille labeling
  • Easy-to-use patient portal to manage prescriptions