INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY AND HUMAN TOUCH: It's a powerful combination. It's what sets us apart.

We would rather spend our time talking to our patients than simply counting pills. Our technology enables us to provide the best of both worlds at NoviXus: Innovative, streamlined, cutting-edge technology and advanced proprietary software combined with a caring human touch.

Human Touch
Before we dispense any medications, our licensed pharmacists provide a quality check for accuracy on your prescription, and conduct a “drug utilization review” with the information available to them to see if you are taking other medications that may interact with a new prescription. Always tell your pharmacist all of the medications you are taking for safety reasons. We also answer any questions you have about your medications.

Our operation was designed and built by industry experts. Our state-of-art, fully automated fulfillment facility is equipped with the latest in technology, robotic bar coding, digital imaging, radio frequency identification and other software tools.

End to end, from prescription orders, to billing, dispensing, and shipping, to our Patient Care Center systems and compliance programs, we achieve leading results.

Once the medication is in the bottle, another licensed pharmacist checks each bottle to help ensure the right medication was dispensed properly.